How Yayasan Cemerlang originated

At Yayasan Cemerlang, we believe in young and talented people. Like precious seedlings, they have the potential to grow into mighty trees, deeply rooted in knowledge, creativity, ethics and social values. We can think of no better way to support this process than to provide them with the gift of a lifetime in the form of a quality education.

The Tun Rahah Scholarship Fund was set up for this purpose, building upon Yayasan Cemerlang’s on-going mission of forging strategic partnerships with the public and private sector to recognize academic excellence.

We, however, cannot hope to realize this goal on our own, and so we invite you to join us in this rewarding mission. By pledging to the Tun Rahah Scholarship Fund, you can help us to nurture young people who epitomize the values of a culture of excellence, perseverance, integrity and meritocracy as embodied in the 1Malaysia vision.

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